Since studying Fashion illustration at London College Of Fashion, Visual artist Nas Abrahams has worked for style collective Individualism and has extensively worked with various companies directing and shooting their catalogues and brand look books. Alongside all of this he is also a ‘Creative Blogger’, involved in social media projects.

Name: Nas Abraham

Occupation: Visual Artist/ Creative Director

Location: London


Top 3:

Songs This Year… “Ugh”- The 1975, “Count it All Joy”- The Winans, “King City”- Majid Jordan
Places to take a date… Deep conversations and endless laughter are essential on a date. I would say my favourite Korean BBQ restaurant- Arang, Coffee in
Fernandez and Wells on 55 Duke Street. Oh, and the Natural History museum! Wow, I’m boring. I need to spend some time on Groupon.

Films/ Series… Spirited Away, Rush Hour and Daredevil- the series, not the movie. We don’t ever mention the movie

Clubs/ Bars… There’s this club called “Someone’s House” and it actually plays movies, watched by around two couples at a time. That was a douchey way
of me saying I honestly don’t go out that much anymore and that movie/ game night is a lot more appealing to me.

Albums, ever… Right, that’s tricky.

“Justified”- Justin Timberlake,

“Slicker Than Your Average” Craig David and…

“Tasty”- Kelis. Look, don’t judge me, I just love
98% of tracks produced by The Neptunes circa 1998-2009. Have you heard the production on that album?!?!

Life influences… The Bible, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, A Bathing Ape. I’m quite a mixed-up person.

Gadgets… Canon 6D, Apple iMac, PS4

Places to travel… Shanghai, Tokyo, New York. I do love my cities.


Friends you’d like to shout out… Ooooh getting some Myspace vibes here… I would say my talented team mates – @Jesseclaus, @Dumashaddad and of course my future
wife- @Rebecca_Keates

Goals for 2016… Become known as a fine artist within the fashion industry, demonstrate what my insanely talented @sense_of_sync team can do and reach
a higher level of skill and understanding in my artistry.

Words you’d like to end this with… Create something today. I don’t care what it is, whether it’s a business, a sculpture or an omelette, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of
stepping back, looking at your creation and thinking “wow, I made this!”.

And lastly, your favourite pieces from the current Farah collection…

The Gieger t shirt  in a red and white stripe. I’ve got a thing for specifically red horizontal detailing (as weird as that sounds), I think this piece is would work really well under a half done-up denim shirt and a khaki bomber.


The Drake Soft Skinny Fit Denim – Because you absolutely cannot go wrong with a pair of black skinnies, and stretch denim is about the only type of denim I find comfortable these days