Farah & Friends with Pete Martin from SoccerBible magazine


For this instalment of Farah&Friends and to celebrate the launch of our new collaboration which recently just dropped in time for the big Summer of football.  

We spoke with Pete Martin, Editor at Large @SoccerBible about style, inspirations and his industry advice.

Read the full interview below;


1. What is your typical outfit or choice of footwear at the moment?

I’m a big believer in having confidence in what you wear. For me personally, I quite outwardly express my interests through my style so vintage sports tees are always dominant. By working in football you can almost become conditioned to dressing in a certain way. I’ve been trying to break out of that and reclaim a bit of my own identity through lockdown to now which has been an enjoyable process. I’ve always appreciated the innovation behind sportswear and the design scene that thrives around it so it’ll always be with me - my sneaker collection is extensive - shoes are something I have a massive weakness for. I picked up a pair of Wu-Tang Clan Clarks Wallabees most recently and am a little obsessed with some flame covered Converse that are featuring heavily in the rotation so that kind of captures my headspace. Add in a pair of NBA All Star AF-1s and that shows the spectrum of my selection.


2. Go to Favourite - Playlist, Box Set, Podcast, Book, Record?

My media consumption is sizeable. I always need sounds around me or something playing in the background - weirdly, it makes me quite focused. Playlist-wise, my running playlist is ridiculously diverse - anything that gives me a slight buzz, it goes on there. For a shoot, I’ll default to an old-school hip-hop playlist for good energy though quite like to drop in some IDLES, Slaves every now and then. From The Smiths to RHCP to The Libertines to the above, my tastes are all over the shop. Can’t beat a Northern Soul or Rocksteady playlist either. They’re massive for me.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. True-crime is always something I’ll go deep on so stuff like Redhanded or All Killa no Filla are two I’m partial too. Undr The Cosh is so good when it comes to those raw and real stories from football - I like to listen to people’s stories. Shoe Dog is such a hyped book for genuine reason but one I’ve loved recently was ‘This Is Not a T-Shirt’ by Bobby Hundreds. I’m constantly inspired by skate culture and the creativity around it and that book was a perfect way to feed the mind.

3. What two items would you ask for if you were alone on a desert island?

It’s obvious but I’d need a ball. Can I have a surfboard as well? Better make use of the island’s facilities.

4. Any tips for relaxing?

Probably…allow yourself too. My mind is pretty busy but when I finally sit back and focus on something, that’s when you can live in the moment. Sometimes it gets to the evening and you’re searching for something to watch across­every platform, then when you find something you only half watch it because you’re flicking through instagram at the same time. Put the phone down. That’s liberating. A gradual step I made was that every time I picked up my phone by habit to scroll through instagram, I’ve started closing the app and gone to Pinterest instead - that way I’m searching for a bit of inspiration rather than looking at what other people are doing, ya know?

5. What are you working on? Any upcoming news?

The latest magazine is one thing in the short term. It’s a 300 page art-piece. I’m really proud of it. It brings together football culture, fashion, design and all round innovation - there’s features with a shed ton of players in there - all who have been individually shot - which during the pandemic was madness: For a rundown, all these are in it:

Antoine Griezmann, Bruno Fernandes, Gigi Buffon,  Bukayo Saka, David Alaba, Ella Toone, Guillermo Andrade, Jonathan David, Jude Bellingham, Kalvin Phillips, Kingsley Coman, Leon Bailey, Matthew McConaughey, Rosella Ayane, Sasha Keable, Sports Team, Theo Ellis, Tosin Adarabioyo, Tyrone  Mings, Valentino Lazaro, Rafael Varane and Virgil Van Dijk.


So now that’s out, we’ll roll out the content. We’re set up in two fold - firstly the editorial front of house side that everyone sees across SoccerBible but then also as a full-service creative agency. I head up all things creative. The ‘UNITY’ collaboration with Farah is a beautiful piece of work and it’s been a privilege to put that out. We’ve got a few other collaborations with brands both in the tactile product sense and the campaign / content sense. The Euros is on our door step so priority no. 1 is enjoy every second of that - get wrapped up in the whole thing and enjoy the escape that brings.

We’ve had a lot of success with the content series we put out called The Dial Up so we’ll double down on efforts there. We have all kinds of names on that and being able to talk with Matthew McConaughey is something few people will have the chance to do. Give it a listen…


6. What or who inspired you to do what you do?

Ufff. So many people.  I’m enormously inspired by people who have turned their own ideas into something real. I look at the guys at ilovedust as an example - they are friends but they’re elite creatives and fearless too. Their mindset has always about sticking to their mindset. That doesn’t mean sticking to a safe lane - more breaking down barriers wherever they see them. I love seeing what happens when you cross cultures. So from Johnny Cash to Elvis to Tarantino to Shane Meadows to The Big Lebowski - I’m a sponge to the lot. There’s also a number of people who I’ll always have enormous respect for people that champion the approach of trusting their creative approach and the culture they know - Gary Aspden at Adidas as an example.

7. What is your wardrobe staple / go to item?

It starts with footwear. A clean crisp pair of white shoes, white socks and some cropped trousers. I’ll always have a beanie close by as well.


8. What piece of advice would you give to someone trying to start in your industry?

Make your own luck. The world is small and all those cliches happen - so much is about networking but you need substance to back up a connection. Be creative and put yourself out there. I did all the late nights, all the unpaid work experience and still feel stronger for it. The graft never stops and nor should it but don’t let fear get in the way. Pick up a camera and learn by failing. Whatever industry you want to get into, there’s an extended scene around it. Mixing the creative world with football - those are my core passions. If you’re passionate enough and hone your talents then the world is yours. Don’t forget to have a good time in the process.

9. Any shout outs?

The SoccerBible crew. All those that came to Barcelona and those that couldn’t make it. The NHS. My wife and my girl, Layla who is 2 tomorrow.


10. What has 2020 taught you and has it changed you or the way. You think in any way?

While 2020 was a complete shitter, it was also one of huge achievements. It’s made me more ruthless in my creative standards I would say. Time is evidently so precious and you have to create, make and smash every opportunity that matches your mindset - I’m eternally grateful for the position I’m in but conscious that it is my decisions that have got me there. I’m hungry for the party of 2021.

11. Finally, who do you think will win the Euros and who will get the Golden Boot?

Winners: England (blind faith but realistically, Italy)
Golden boot winner: Immobile

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