Not many clothing companies can claim to have the same rich association with music as Farah. Sure, we started out as a workwear manufacturer in El Paso, Texas, back in 1920. But by the 1960s we’d set up business in the UK - and there we really flourished by catching the imagination of just about every key men’s style sub-culture. What connected these often very different groups in particular? Not just their shared love of music but also a shared love of our signature F-Tab hopsack trousers - casual but clean, hard-wearing yet a break from jeans.

That’s what united the likes of Mods, Rude Boys and the indie music scene of the 1990s. It was Mod that made clothes obsessiveness socially acceptable to men for the first time, when in 1962 ‘Town’ magazine identified someone called Marc Field - better known as Marc Bolan - as one of the new ‘ace faces’, decked out in a slickly tailored, Continental take on Ivy League, Farah included, and dancing to R&B or Tamla Motown soul at London’s Whisky A Go Go.

But as style and music moved on, Farah always went with it. Come the 1970s, there was the revivalist interest in the ska music of Prince Buster, Don Drummond, The Maytals, with British bands the likes of The Selector and The Specials creating their own take on these easy Jamaican rhythms, and making their own Rude Boy style to match - dark tonik suits, pork pie hats, black loafers, skinny ties and, naturally, button-down shirts and our hopsack trousers, worn cropped.

And as for the indie music scene, Farah found it had a place then too, amid the preppy polo shirts and retro sneakers, the Harrington jackets and carefully considered scruffiness, while the Britpop battle was waged between Blur and Oasis, the upbeat antidote to the doom-inflected grunge from across the Atlantic. Battle they might, but they both agreed on our hopsack trousers.


Farah continues to resonate with the music and style culture underground today too, so it’s only fitting that today we mark this long association through the launch of our new Farah Menswear Spotify. It’s a series of great playlists specially curated by some of the most exciting, up and coming artists out there right now, the likes of Piers James and Old Swing, Swim School, Artio, Tally Spear and The Howl & The Hum. We’re launching a new playlist every week, ready to see you through what will hopefully be a bright and riotous summer.

Check the playlists out here.

Of course, we don’t just have these great tunes for you, we’ve got the great style covered too. Check out our latest collections for some inspiration on how to get decked out for the coming season.

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