Farah X SoccerBible - The Unity Collection

Le football a une capacité unique à rassembler les gens. Un langage universel qui fait tomber les barrières, ouvre le dialogue et embrasse l'émotion. Pour défendre cette nature éclectique et honorer les personnalités que le beau jeu fait naître, SoccerBible et Farah se sont réunis pour créer la collection capsule « Unity », célébrant le pouvoir unificateur du football et de la mode. Explorez l'histoire complète ici.
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The Unity Collection: A Closer Look

Inspired by the hues and nuances of European countries, ‘Unity’ is much needed in the reality of a post-COVID world. Bringing football and fashion together, this collaboration celebrates culture and crossing borders with vibrancy and the electric atmosphere of the game evident in each piece. Bespoke designs in the collection have been inspired by the nations of Scotland, France, Belgium, Italy, England, Germany, Ireland, and Wales. Triumphant tartan, enigmatic pinstripes, and exquisite French cuisine... It’s a multitude of cultures all coming together as one. Like the competition itself.  Bring football home with the England shirt influenced by the unmissable decor of a traditional English pub. Or explore the Argyle pattern synonymous with Scotland to honour British heritage of the North. If you can’t decide, the Unity Joy T-shirt fittingly wraps up the collection’s essence of comradery and togetherness. So what are you waiting for? Explore the ‘Unity’ collection below and join us in celebrating the unifying power of the beautiful game.