Farah X Soccerbible:  The Unity Collection


For as long as it’s been kicking around, football has this innate power to bring people together. With its loyal undercurrent of community - in a similar way to fashion - football is a universal language with an ability to break down barriers, create new dialogue and champion change.

Designed with all of this in mind, the Farah X Soccerbible ‘Unity Collection’ centers on connecting – and reconnecting. More so now than ever, we’ve come to realise, in our post-pandemic world, that togetherness is key. This summer will see an opportunity for us to reconnect in a way we haven’t been able to for a while and when we decide to (safely) do so, there is much to be celebrated.


Are we still talking about style? Yes, we are but I’m sure you’ll agree, the river runs deep when it comes to both fashion and football. They’re right (whoever ‘they’ may be) it really is a beautiful game!

Bespoke pieces in the collection have been inspired by the great football nations of France, Scotland, Holland, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Expect strong graphics and bold colour-clashes.

Print is key, from triumphant tartan to more subtle style references; from a retro-patterned pub carpet to Modernist stripes.


Inspired by the nuances of these epic nations, the range is designed to be interchangeable – who cares if you’re a Brit with an appreciation for a Breton or an Italian sporting an Argyle check? Borders and rules are broken for acceptance and appreciation.

As well as these nation-inspired pieces, the collaboration is accompanied by a series of T-shirts that wrap up the range as one – all nations, all together, all united!

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