In celebration of Farah’s 100th Year anniversary in 2020, we announced our exclusive AW20 collaboration with Martine Rose, one of the UK’s most important and influential menswear designers.

“Farah was an easy fit for me, some of my earliest memories are watching my cousins play football in their Farah slacks after school, or my uncle ironing the press line in the front of his Farah trousers to a knife edge. Working with Farah is a homage to my back history.“

Martine Rose

Heavily influenced by her environment and the characters that inhabit it, Martine is inspired by her home city of London and its associated subcultures. There are many shared subcultural reference points between Martine and Farah.

The extensive Farah archive was Martine’s creative starting point. Inspired by the brand’s casuals, rude boy and sportswear pieces, she and her design team combined all of these influences when developing and designing the collection.